Your life story in your own words

Imagine a room full of your closest family and friends, or your great grand-children 25 years from now, watching you describe what shaped who you are, gave you the greatest joy and circumstances that presented your greatest challenge.

What has life taught you and what values do you hope to pass on?

Sharing your family's narrative not only helps future generations know more about you - research shows it is one of the most effective ways to improve your children's future emotional health and happiness.  This article from the New York Times describes research with children who had lost loved ones in 911.  The children who knew more about their family history were more resilient and handled stress better.

Over the past twenty years I've interviewed people from all walks, ages and stages of life.  It's a great gift to be trusted with these stories and has helped shape who I am.

One story that really touched my heart was The Butterfly Project which I produced for
Covenant Health.  This innovative program for people with dementia opened my eyes to how short, and unpredictable life is.  It truly is heart wrenching to witness how the loss of memory, impacts both the patient and their family.  This project inspired me to become more involved in the dementia community -volunteering weekly with residents at Youville home in St.Albert. 

And, it made me realize how precious it would have been to capture these folks' life stories - before they started to fade from their memory.

Fast forward a few months later. I'm driving with another mom to our daughters' ringette game in Lacombe, Alberta and we've got a good three hours to get to know one another better.  As it turns out, Trina has been thinking what I've been thinking.  Only, she's been piloting capturing life stories in print.  And, so it began.

Check out a couple of examples of the Life Legacy videos:

Darwin Park

Ray Martyna

Trina Johnson, from KerceyCo, and I share a passion for capturing these stories.  And, the feedback from our clients, and their families, is overwhelming: 

"Oh my lord- I am bawling. That is so lovely and captures him perfectly!"     

"Oh my gosh... they LOVED it, were incredibly touched, moved to tears and I think have probably watched it about 15 times already! Amazing. Thank you so much. This has been so special for our family to share in together!" 

"There wasn't much I could say other than how great it was--both the content and the technical product--and to recognize it told the story of a person who has, whether intentionally or otherwise, giving lessons in life very much worth hearing and sharing."

"I really enjoyed wise words from a wise man!!    Your life is so full and rich Darwin – you, Ruth and others have done an excellent job in creating an effective  snapshot of what is obviously so much more.  The presentation is first class.  Let`s hope we can both watch and enjoy this again when we are 99!!"

I can't think of a more rewarding project to produce than a life legacy.