We tell inspiring stories that deliver business results.

By listening, asking questions and brainstorming together, we work with clients to discover the most engaging, and cost-effective, way to use video to connect with their key audiences and deliver measurable results.

We specialize in videos for:

  • Special events, galas, fundraisers
  • Corporate brand videos
  • Social marketing
  • Employee recognition
  • Internal communications
  • Recruitment
  • Special projects promotions

We also offer:

  • Experienced on-air talent to host your videos or your event.

Digital Marketing

As part of all video pre-production, we'll ask you who your audience is and how/where they will view your product.  

We'll come up with a creative approach before shooting a single frame to ensure that we are strategic, and that the end product will be optimized to work on the platform it will be viewed in - large screens at an event, Facebook campaign, Linkedin campaign, your website etc.